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Leis Lap

The Pornographic Slaughterhouse

The pornographic slaughterhouse
“Eat here, eat her.” “A quickie in the kitchen? It’s OK!” “Have you already chosen your meat?” For “the pornographic slaughterhouse” Julia focused on the topic of sexualised meat. This piece is a critique of human behaviour around other species: there is a need of change in the way we treat and view them. After a thorough research of real advertisings, quotes and visuals about the selling strategy of the farming industry, along with other social behaviours, Julia came to the conclusion that the the sexualised dominance over meat represents a socio-culturally and politically accepted norm of masculinity by butchering, cutting and serving meat. As well as a low ethical standard on how to advertise dead animal products. Along with the publication “a cartoon guide to the sexualisation of the meat”, which contains a more educational perspective, there’s also a visual and auditory experience (3D art created by @cymoonv on instagram) to bring the viewer to exist in a closed off, isolated space to endure the absurd reality that many species go through. The difference is: as a viewer you can exit the room. They can’t.