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Garden of Queerdom

How do we collectively care for ourselves and our communities? How do we support systems of radical care?

The capitalisation of so called “self care” makes transparent the individualised and normative structures of todays world. Who is cared for and who is not. Who is supported and who is not.

Garden of Queerdom (GOQ) is a collaborative project, that focusses on collective forms of care over the individualised. Where the care for self is interconnected to the care for our communities and the earth; a holistic system of care. Garden of Queerdom proposes a new kind of paradise, one that takes care of all beings on this earth.

The project consists of a herbal “Do-It-Yourself-Care” package, that includes a care-zine and foraging map of Rotterdam with green spaces and “Queer Gardens”. Next to that the project also offers free herbal care workshops.

With this project, we aim to give the users agency in how they choose to care for themselves, while supporting the earth and their community at the same time. Free herbal care workshops are organised during the Graduation show. Come see us there!

This work is made in Collaboration with:
Jake Carruthers (IG@Weakboy)
& Mandy van Pelt (IG@plakplaatjes)

Project details

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