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Nurturing Glass

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Fine Art
Public & Private

Nurturing Glass, warmly invites the audience into a welcoming, calming environment to experience the effects color has on your state of being. After entering the sheltered space through a small passageway and momentarily leaving the turbulent exhibition behind, one is met by loam walls and stained-glass windows, from which colored light settles into the surroundings. Each windowpane shows a different color theme, designed using the theory of color therapy. It is there where the audience can, in their own time, feel what color theme they feel attracted to and be present in that colored light.

In a series of different works, Linn Doornaar explores the notion of Safe Space. A term she has come to define as a space or status in which one can be themselves and can heal themselves from (daily) troubles. These works investigate the self, social spaces and notions, like alter-ego’s and role playing games, and (re)claiming physical spaces to reach the concept of Safe Space.

Her most recent work, Nurturing Glass, has been developed alongside extensive research into the effects color has on ones state of being, and explores the question whether color can be used to better that state.