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Honours Programme Visual Culture

Let the meaning find the sound.”

Tom Waits

The performance “ECHO” examines the relationships between the natural voice and the linguistically ordered voice.

One might struggle to express themselves through words, always unable to find the words one is searching for, nor the meaning behind the words.

Sounds can cover (or hide) the emotion and its meaning. 
Sounds made by the voice can produce impact which is accompanied by an act of imagination, for a voice is sound with meaning.

“ECHO” produces sounds based on moments when language is detached from its informative function and words are being separated from their meaning

This abstracts sounds from a given context, which creates a new approach of listening to the (natural) voice.
This transition from language to the sound of the voice is shown by a dialogue/duel between words and non-words, that pushes the perceiver to “listen otherwise” to the voice.

The (emotional) natural voice echoes somewhere in the (rational) linguistically ordered voice. 

Mixed media

For more information -> Rosa Zwiers