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Melissa Yanell
van der Ree
You can find me here: 2.H (WH)


Since 2020 we have become increasingly active moving more and more in the virtual space, with the TikTok platform as a priominet example. The platform brings a distinctive and unique experience along with it achieving multiple TikTok outbursts, a very unusual phenomenon that cannot be replicated with the same ease on other social networks.

With this project, I have expanded my research and focused on TikTok as emerging phenomenon within contemporary online culture. It is a collection of video footages that revolve around different dance trend movements that behave in the public digital space.

It explores how new choreographies can emerge from the existing TikTok dance database, using video editing, AI and a 3D environment. So, what happens when you let technology take its course in the hands of an inexperienced dancer and choreographer? For this I used myself as a virtual test subject, who gets to know the innovative techniques better and investigates how dance forms a broader cultural context through social media.

Archiving & Manipulation

Using my curated TikTok dance database, I embarked on a selective exploration of potential new and intriguing transitions. In doing so, I attempted to investigate whether I could manipulate AI in a way that it would not distinguish between multiple individuals, aiming to create a new visual language.

Data To 3D Environment

Ultimately, 10 new choreographies have been developed, accompanied by a dance notation consisting of 16 photographs. This resulted in a new dataset of 160 distinct recorded movements that can be viewed offline/online by the users. Here, users have the opportunity to explore the dataset in the same manner as I approached this project, identifying interesting transitions. This enables users, even those without prior experience, to view and create dance in a fresh and innovative way. With the end goal of the users practicing the dance notation.

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