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‘Framed’ – interface framing through the lens of a comic narrative

Project details

Bachelor – Illustration
Autonomous Practices
Digital Craft

As a narrative work, ‘Framed’, uses/employs structures of interfaces to highlight and question them. Showing the processes of framing as an invitation for the viewer to take part in. In highlighting the structures of panels and gutters of social media interfaces, the work invites the reader to become implicit in an act of un-do, re-write and re-framing.

In an act of protest, Judith adheres herself to a courtroom table. Being sentenced for coercion – it is her act of defiance. As a climate activist she employs this method to create traction around her. Seeing peaceful resistance as the only way to create a change around climate issues. This moment of being stuck offers a moment of contemplation. Equipped with a phone in her hand, she ventures into the interfaces of social media, witnessing how her narrative is shaped and distorted by communication channels online.

In line with the comic work the practice of ‚Active Framing‘ emerged. A visual line of experimentation that engages with the interface framing of platforms. This approach attempts to distinguish the frames from the framed content, or the panels from the story within them. By doing so, it reveals the process of framing. This method deconstructs the steps involved in framing and organizing a story into panels. By providing the reader with a visual map of this deconstruction, the frame itself is highlighted as an independent element, as having impact and importance in the narrative.

Celestine Kronberger (he/they) is a comic artist and graphic designer based in Rotterdam. He sees comics as lens, which to view the world in. Making sense of a big whole through small fragments, vignettes of life, that if looking closely reveal a truth — a deep understanding, a way of learning that is fostered by a practice of re-examining and re-contextualising.