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Nachruf auf den Baum

Project details

Bachelor – Photography
Honours Programme
Visual Culture

This is an ode to the trees that died, are dying and will die soon. This is an ode to all the trees that are with us today. And all the trees that never will be.
Approach them, tell them your goodbyes.

“Nachruf auf den Baum” pays tribute to the black forest and to all trees on this planet. With this project I want to archive a part of nature that will soon not exist anymore.
There is also my personal connection to the black forest present. The tree trunks I am showing are all collected in the black forests on sites where the bark beetle forced rangers to cut down entire hectares of land.

I have done research on humans’ relationship to nature and how art can change this, specifically with the philosophical theory of object-oriented ontology as a method.
As a result of this I have created the installation “Nachruf auf den Baum” which consists of five tree trunks with inserted lightboxes that light up night flash photographs of trees. Each lightbox turns off when the trunk in the center is being touched.