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waller (Isabel)
You can find me here: 1.D BL + FF


A familiar part of your life is made strange again

‘Unsettling yet exciting’

Project details

Bachelor – Product Design
Honours Programme
RASL Re-Imagining Tomorrow Through Arts and Sciences

A film and three photographs showcase alternative representations of a new being through creaturization. 

In this project I propose that the human body is matter, a material. Therefore, using the term human matter instead of human body. To see it as a material with characteristics such as size, shape, color, texture, flexibility, discipline and background. To create a new open approach towards the meaning human matter. 

The process of creaturization is the transition of human matter to being. Masking through material experimentation allows me to sculpt and reshape human matter into a new form while eliminating the physical human aspect. Therefore, I challenge the limitations of materials, bodies and techniques to discover new possibilities.

Human matter is masked by merging it with wet clay, foam and using stockings to cover all materials to create a new skin. Movements guides the materials in exploring individual and collective existence. Both processes are captured and accentuated through photography and film. 

I want to provide alternative representations of human matter and try to invent a representation of a new being. Transforming human matter into a new meaning. With the aim to activate feelings of estrangement and challenge the narrative of how we perceive, define, and use human matter. And to gain a better understanding of the relationship between human matter and mask. 

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