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To WdKA graduates platform
You can find me here: –2.A BL

‘Black, Black like blue under the moonlight, Black like a Sacred prophecy of what is possible, Black like the source from which all tings come, Black like a force so strong you try to control it so you don’t have to control yourself, Black like the essence, Black like my grandmother’s hands, Black like laughter and Joy and glory, Black like don’t touch my hair, Black like children of the Sun, Black like where iiiiiiiii find my heaven, Black like Eternal, Black like Infinite, Black like Limitless, Black like Ethereal, Black like the <beginning> , Black like the <end> .’

is an offering to Our (re)Imagined (tr)Ancestors. believing We are all Sun deities stripped away from Our source due to the colonialist system, this piece aims to find Our way back home to Ra, doing so by reclaiming the power over Our archives and the erasure of Our flesh. 

come check my work during my open studio 9-12 july. rsvp through this link

find me on instagram @jahiquasim or contact me for more.