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Identity Flux

Project details

Bachelor – Graphic Design
Commercial Practices
Contexts & Situatedness

Can social media change the way we see ourselves?

In our digital age, social media plays a pivotal role in shaping our identity. The normalisation of filters and editing tools has facilitated the construction of idealised digital personas, blurring the boundaries between reality and virtuality. With each swipe of a filtered and curated post, we inch further away from our authentic selves, ensuring a constant loop of comparing ourselves to impossible ideals. This idea for online approval happens subconsciously and leaves many young people with a fragmented sense of identity, contributing to mental health problems and disorders.

In this project, I explore the impact of digital filters on our self-perception and experiment with ways to visualise a more authentic view of what an unhealthy social media’s influence could look like. By interacting with cameras, users can experience firsthand the manipulation of their appearance. The visual explorations challenge the notion of online beauty and identity, revealing a fragmented and modified reality shaped by pixels and blurry perspectives.

Through pixelated representations, code and print the final installation hopes to provoke a critical reflection on the influence of social media on our self-image and encourage a dialogue about authenticity in the digital age.