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– A conversation between friends –

Project details

Bachelor – Product Design
Social Practices

In today’s digital age, the art of face-to-face conversation is diminishing as online communication takes priority. Generation Z’s reliance on social media affects their ability to engage in meaningful face-to-face conversations within friendships. This project aims to spark a reconsideration of priorities, emphasizing the importance of reconnecting with friends through real-life conversations.

With this installation, I want people to feel the impact of digital communication on our conversations in a fun and lighthearted way. So, grab your friend and go through each phase, following the cards, starting with the PINK action cards, then the BLUE question cards and finish with the ORANGE explanation cards.

Illustration of installation

Full story

I looked into the impact of Generation Z’s heavy use of social

media on their ability to have meaningful, face-to-face

conversations within friendships. Motivated by my personal

experiences and a fascination with real-life interactions, I aim

to highlight the importance of in-person dialogue.

Example card: Phase 1, PINK instruction card

The decline in face-to-face communication skills is partly

caused by the convenience and prevalence of digital

communication via apps. My theoretical research also

indicates that face-to-face conversations, significantly benefit

mental health compared to digital interactions.

Example card: Phase 4, BLUE question card

Practical field research involving conversational experiments

with peers revealed that non-verbal cues and certain

behaviours disappear in digital conversations, affecting their

depth and quality.

I want people to realize the impact social media communication

has on their conversations with friends, both online

and offline. By creating an interactive installation, two friends

can engage in a conversation while progressing through

four phases, and physically moving closer together. In these

phases, they will open up about their friendship, their conversations,

and how social media may affect them. Using cards

and an added object that simulates the influence of digital

communication, the experience will highlight these effects in

a lighthearted and humorous way.

Example card: Phase 1, ORANGE explanation card

Each exercise will explain what the object simulates only after

they’re done. This way, they’ll be unaware of it during

their conversation and only realize its impact


4 Phases of installation

1. ‘All day mirror’ – Simulating the unnatural distracting factor

of seeing yourself during video calling and how that influences

a conversation, with the help of mirrors and cards.

2. ‘Phubbing’ – Simulating the phenomenon of people ignoring

the real person in a conversation for their phone, with the help

of a very distracting audio on the headphones.

3. ‘Miscommunication’ – Simulating the miscommunication

that often happens over text, with the help of cards and

an hourglass.

4. Reflection/ ‘A letter to our conversations’ – Reflecting on

the phases they just went through, their conversations, their

friendship and the influence of conversing via social media

has on these things, with the help of question cards and a letter

they write to ‘their conversations’ and give to the other person. 🙂

Contact information

Instagram: @lizandingen

Linked-In: @lizanguliker