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Project details

Bachelor – Photography
Autonomous Practices

Sabine Woudenberg, (1997 / the Netherlands) works conceptually as a contemporary artist within feminist and psychological themes. She organically manipulates conditions surrounding the image and explores the relationship between various images and medium, such a photography, painting, sculpture and performance, mostly expressed in monochromatic works.

Her process starts with reflecting on herself and using her own body as a means of expression. Resulting in works that are just as much surrealistic photographs as performances. Symbolic and metaphorical scenes are created by dealing with the immortal and the invisible, the emotions and images of individuals that cannot be expressed in words or texts. Through these works, the artist maintains a dialogue with the viewer about the experience of being.
Ultimately, the composition of her work is a visual poem.

Grimoire is a transformative project where I, Sabine Woudenberg, embrace the archetype of the witch to explore themes of empowerment, resilience, and the integration of body and mind. In this series of self-portraits, I channel the inner strength and wisdom derived from witchcraft, using my body as a medium to confront and challenge various forms of oppression.

The body and mind are often seen as separate entities, but through the lens of witchcraft, I have come to understand them as deeply interconnected. My work reflects this unity, drawing on teachings and rituals to highlight the body as a source of power, healing, and spiritual insight. Each self-portrait becomes a ritualistic act, a moment of meditative connection between my physical form and my inner world.

Through Grimoire, I aim to reclaim agency over my body and narrative, presenting a counter-narrative to the societal norms that often seek to diminish the feminine experience. By embodying the witch, I invoke a powerful symbol of defiance and autonomy, one that stands in opposition to historical and contemporary forms of marginalization and control.

This project is not only a personal journey but also a call to others to recognize and embrace their inherent power. It speaks to the importance of self-discovery and the courage to live authentically, drawing strength from the ancient practices of witchcraft and applying them to modern struggles.

Grimoire is an invitation to step into a space of introspection and transformation, to see the body not just as a vessel but as a sacred site of wisdom and resistance. It is a celebration of the enduring spirit of the witch and a testament to the resilience found within us all.