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do you ever dream about work?

Project details

Master – Media Design: Experimental Publishing

Practice-led artistic research into the 21st century phenomenon of the graphic designer. I held graphic design in my hands using ethnography, toolmaking and performance as research methods. I examined how designers spend their time in everyday life, this designer, me, as well as you, what are we doing? What are our worldviews, belief systems, mythologies and ideologies?

I cut my thumb so every time I type i can feel it in my nerve endings. Not true, it’s my left thumb so I don’t type with it. Not true, I feel it anyway. Why are most of the function keys on the left of the keyboard. What’s so functional about pressing buttons. Stephen Kerr is a designer and musician based in. Have you ever loved an instrument? The Ctrl key broke like four times since I moved here. I have one more replacement because I bought a bunch of them but at some point I gave up and use an external keyboard. I dunno I’m more confused than ever. It was something to do with dreams and working. It’s the middle of the night I’m writing this on my phone. If I had a dream this is when I would be writing it. The memory is fuzzy: either I don’t remember or it didn’t make sense in the first place. It was something to do with fuzziness and memory no wait. Phones don’t have keyboards in real life this doesn’t make sense. I’m trying to type but I don’t think I can get it on the way to the office for the weekend and I think it was a good idea to do it and I was thinking about you and I was thinking of you and I was thinking about you and I was in the same place as a friend of mine and I was in the studio and we were in the studio and we were in the studio and we were in the studio and we were in the