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Anna Jaƫl

The wardrobe of imagination

This project is a contemplation upon the meaning of virtual fashion design. By conducting artistic- and literature research I tried to understand the meaning of virtual design. Is it truly like that, that for a virtual garment a technological device is needed? Or is fashion design as such already a virtual expression?

By creating a series of 13 stories, 13 perfumes and 13 garments I created different virtual experiences. By doing this I invite the viewer to think about the meaning of virtuality. Is a perfume a virtual garment? You wear something that is intangible and invisible, yet it changes the way you go about your day. The conclusion of the research was that fashion design as a form of expression is in a sense virtual. By creating a drawing the designer creates a garment before the garment physically exists.

I hope that digital fashion designers can realise the potential that lies within the virtual and start to see ideas, sounds, and other unknown means as a form of expressing clothes.