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Project details

Fine Art

‘LAD’ is modern-day coming of age story centered around the player. The game asks whether our sense of belonging can lead us into doing things that are out of our own moral compass?

    The game demonstrates how young men are lacking the emotional tools and education to resist toxic masculine culture that is imposed on them by society and their peers. It shows how the process of conditioning individuals in society can lead them to align with toxic ideologies. Young men are not born toxic but they are made to be as a product of the social systems and culture that they exist in.

    During a playthrough the player is under going hazing to become part of the Lads who are popular group of young men in the locality. The player has to make decisions based on how much they want to fit in with this group or do they want to deny them and be satisfied with their mundane life. It ultimately is a story about personal identity, friendship, the want to belong and one chooses to align themselves in the world. It follows ordinary problems and shows the beauty and the tragedy of modern society. The negligence, discrimination, the unity and hardship of normal life. It holds up a mirror to society and gives the players the perspective to reflect on the topics touched in the game.

    The goal behind the game is to incite positive behavioral change and critical reflection on Lad Culture. The game does not seek to solve the issue of toxic masculinity but to provide awareness and initiate conversations in which people can reflect upon the role of toxic masculinity in their lives.