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RE-WRITING THE SCRIPT – A New Relationship to Finitude

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The end is a fearsome phenomenon of humankind. But our relationship to it has changed over the centuries. In a rarely starving, hyper-weight society in the Global North that can develop pharmaceuticals at lightning speed, it nevertheless seems that crisis stories dominate our cultural model today. They witness a boom, but at the same time a gap between media hype and everyday social life, provoking alarmist reactions in populations. At the same time, however, we coat our own transience with Instagram filters, trust in the genetic research of Silicon Valley, which promises us immortality and eternal happiness, and approach a future in which we want to overcome the limits of the human body in the relation to time and space. Our cultural model is caught in a paradox between eternity and finitude. But how can we give the end a positive meaning in our society again?

Denise Hirtenfelder is a researcher in the field of Future Thinking, and regularly integrates the expiration date into her life. In “Re-Writing the Script – A New Relationship to Finitude” she adopts a research approach that tries to look back at our present as if it was already history. It aims to think about our collective existence on planet Earth from the end, to find rituals of cessation, and at the same time tries to tell narratives for the future in a faithful way. In the course of her graduation project, she wrote a book, organized a conference and developed a toolkit, which is composed of a method and a colorful number of puzzle pieces which encourages users to deal with concrete challenges of the present, analyze them and imagine alternative scenarios of the future.