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Project Fos

Project details


The project’s title got its inspiration from the Greek word φώς, Fos which means light. The pandemic showed me that resting and working are no longer balanced, therefore the project is about finding time in the day to unwind and rest.

 Project Fos is an immersive experience focused on the benefits of illuminotherapy. Nowadays, technology has advanced rapidly yet the topic of personalisation and human factor has been left aside. This reimagined interface acts as a medium to guide users to find rest and wellness In their daily routine.

The outcome of my research manifests in user interface design, lights, sound and a publication. In the interface, Project Fos App, I created a simplified and friendly interface to engage users. I want to break the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.

What happens if we use technology as a tool in a positive way?

This interface has modes the user personalises to fit their needs and enhance their wellbeing.  Those modes consist of colours, environment, sounds and light intensity, where everything is customisable. Using the Wiz smart lights and their accompanied interface allows the user to interact with the digital world in physical space, in the convenience of their own “safe space”. In contrast, the publication acts as an “Emotional Pantone” guide that depicts each colour with its own emotion.

My project is full of colours and symbols from a series of emotions. The interface contains seven primary emotional states and a publication for designers to learn and utilise colours and learn more about the relationship between colour and emotion.

Rather than changing physical space, this interface is a way to enter this experience. The user fully personalises the modes on the app to fit their needs and enhance their well-being. Everything is customisable from the environment, time of the day, sounds, and colours when using the app, letting the user interact with the lamps in physical space, anytime through their phones.

‍If you are interested in knowing more about my research and the process behind Project Fos, feel free to purchase a copy of the Emotional Pantone or contact me to have a chat!