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Floor van


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-Floor van Meeuwen
This is one of the objects found on the streets or in the soil that is exhibited on the table.

The time spend after dinner at the table is the English translation of the spanish word “Sobremesa”.

Publication: A collection of thoughts for/
how self-publishers (to) balance the
struggle of publishing in the climate
crisis era

Through various forms of research the project Sobremesa came in to being. 1: research on “understanding the materiality and the invisible environmental impact of self-publishing” in the thesis, 2: publishing a collection of thoughts for/how self-publishers (to) balance the struggle of publishing in the climate crisis era and 3: gathering all contemplations from the previous to create an open communal space in the shape of a dining and reading table.

Engravings in the Sobremesa dining table

The end product, the table, serves as a publication itself. With traces of texts engraved on the surface. The focus in the whole project is on re-using materials. A thoughtfull sobremesa is created by emphasizing on sharing publications, all the wood collected from trash en serving leftover food.

Publication: Layers

To the left: Layers. A small publication with thoughts on layers, emphasizing on the non-linearity of resources and thoughts.

This image is a poster that was inserted as a centerfold in the publication “Layers”. It shows the variety in which coal can exists. This resource can be found in different shapes, colors and combinations opposite to the general black substance we know it in general.