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Typographic City Guide

Since printed publications for city mapping are becoming more and more obsolete due to the growing amount of online solutions, I started to investigate the role of graphic design within the context of wayfinding and navigation through public space. Part of this research was designing a city guide from a visual perspective on typography, as seen in art and city structure within Rotterdam, trying to offer an experience of the city from the eyes of a graphic designer. At the same time I wanted to provide an alternative to standardized and conventional guides for commercial sightseeing. 

With this city guide I want to invite you to see Rotterdam from my personal perspective with an artistic background. The tours are based on a selection of sculptures and city structures that in its shape resemble typography.  

The publication can be considered to be the start of a project that may further transform into an updatable archive, where others can contribute to with similar findings and their personal interpretations of art in the public space. This way a database further than the city limits of Rotterdam could be created.