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Giang Huong Thi


A proposal on using cultural identity as an alternative identity in the Metaverse.

Project details

Graphic Design
Data Design

Metaverse commercial tools and the quick converting process into the virtual world have caused an invasion of identity in which personal identity is at a disadvantage. People are losing the power over and the consciousness of their online identity. In that context, my project is a search for an alternative identity in the Metaverse. I propose cultural identity as a potential option since defining one’s cultural identity is a conscious process. It requires each person to reflect upon personal experiences to define the cultural groups to which they belong. Cultural identity is not only about who you are but also about who you are not. A person’s cultural identity possesses unique characteristics because perceptions, experiences, and the proportion of influences from different cultures may be different even between people within a cultural group. Individuality, therefore, becomes the most beautiful aspect of cultural identity. From that acknowledgment, I start the journey back to my Vietnamese root to determine my uniqueness. Going beyond avatars, I found self-created space in Social VR as a place to manifest personal identity. My installation will demonstrate how cultural elements express identity in the virtual world.

“who am I? who am I not?”