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You can find me here: 0.B (BL) & Workshop

Performance as Education: Improvisation

Project details


With a background in visual and performance arts, I have followed the last two years of the art teacher course, to further explore my role in art and education. Thinking from my art practice in which collaboration, participation, working in different constellations and contexts that form the basis of my art practice, the teacher training course was intended to give me more tools to learn together and from each other.

Born in Friesland and working and living in Rotterdam, I have been practicing art since 2001 and have created and presented my work internationally. I am part of the performance art collective Trickster, and am one of the co-organizers of PAE (Performance Art Event) since 2010.

As a practicing artist working a lot in performance art, I decided to look into the possibilities of performance aspects to be used as methods for education, such as looking into and experiencing their pedagogical and didactical qualities.