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To WdKA graduates platform
Jannes van


is a vibrant installation that emerges the consumer into a world of myths, icons and narratives. The world presented serves as a placebo, a way to change reality by the power of ‘mindfoolness’.

(English subtitles available trough youtube)

The installation is built up out of whatever practice was necessary in the attempt trigger the placebo effect.

By working with steel, wood, performance and leather, power was assessed.

By crafting a canvas instrument to dance, kiss and play with the narrative of self-and-other-love was assessed.

By making music and animations, life was blown into the intimate raising its vibrations.

By casting a horned ritual the lines between real-life and myth became blurry.

By creating a tarot from scratch, all questions will be answered if the placebo tarot is to be believed.

By allowing ceramics to shape themselves trough the vessel new form was brought into this world.

By believing in a pile of garbage a deity was brought into existence.

See it so you may believe it.

Place-est-beaux (and performances) will be on display at the @wdka gradshow the 13th-17th of July.