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Project details


Overflow is a 2D animated short film where we follow snippets of the daily life of Nour, a woman in her mid 20s, who builds up stress by suppressing emotions and overperforming both in work and in private life.


Nour is a perfectionist, does her work well, and doesn’t want to let anyone down. When she has the time, she likes to sketch nature which are her moments of calm and joy. What happens when her build-up stress eventually reaches its peak?



Build-up stress, Bottled-up emotions & overperfoming

Coming soon

Jasmine: Animator, Director

This project was made in collaboration with my friend and fellow classmate Luna Al Hussein Al Sattouf, who’s in charge of the art direction. I had the lead in the narrative development, storyboarding, and animation parts.

I’m an animator and I don’t consider myself as a director as narrative design isn’t my strongest suit. However, for my graduation project I wanted to go through all these stages of the process again; while I don’t pursue a career of a director, I do value the things I learned during this project.

As an aspiring animator, my interest currently lies in subtle and mundane body language and movements, which is portrayed in Overflow. Although, I do want to expand to more extreme ones as well and I’m hoping to be able to explore more in the future!