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Nani Kamphuis

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A documentary about old Dolle Mina: Nani Kamphuis, a famous Dutch feminist who now lives in the wilderness of California. Where her quest for independence and the longing for her ideal freedom are portrayed. This film pays tribute to Nani, who fought for women’s rights and is now creating her own path to freedom.

As a Dutch feminist, Nani Kamphuis formed the action group De Dolle Mina’s, which consisted of young women who fought for women’s rights. During a meeting of gynecologists in Utrecht in 1970, the slogan ‘Baas in eigen buik’ was launched by the Dolle Minas. The action received a lot of awareness, which led to more attention for the abortion issue in the Netherlands. From this point on, the iconic pro-choice photo was featured in articles and newspapers. A photo that has made Nani a figurehead for the Dolle Mina’s. 

After seeing these images I became interested in the woman in the photo and went looking for her. I found out that Nani led a special life in the Netherlands and America. I contacted her and she immediately started telling me stories. From that moment on I knew I wanted to capture her history and special way of life in the wilderness.

For several years Nani has been terminally ill and chooses not to be treated. She believes in the power of nature and doesn’t want to make her body any sicker than it already is.

She has had an eventful and special life and fought for many rights of women and nature. Nani never lost her free spirit, at the foot of Mount Shasta in California she now lives in unity with nature.