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Leomar Bernard Obispo

Story of the Four

Project details

Fine Art
No practice
Visual Culture

Story of the Four is a narrative that takes place within the fictional world of Bèrdah and revolves around a young boy and the supernatural island (Mireali) that he created. The island was created by the boy when he ran away from his home island (Kahas) and headed out into the sea to escape enslavement at the hands of Hein, a ruthless businessman who ran a trading company. The boy created this island to live in peace and to get away from the harsh reality of his home. Next to Mireali he also created and projected himself into four different supernatural entities, who also acted as his guardians; these were: Stubborn, Intellect, Imperator and Fear. Things quickly go awry when Fear is revealed to be malicious and Mireali gets accidentally discovered by Hein, who in turn sets up a mining post on Mireali to extract its unique mineral. Minerals that can be used for the betterment of mankind or weapons of mass destruction alike. Their discovery inadvertently caused a power struggle to surge between various nations threatening to plunge Bèrdah into catastrophe.