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‘A Collective Matter’

Project details

Fashion Design
New Earth

A Collective Matter is a small collection based on various raw materials extracted from Dutch soil. Think of wool, reed, clay, and natural pigments. Each outfit tells a story based on the future where we humans live together with nature instead of fighting against it.

As a designer, I have the responsibility and the power to visualize significant change and make it accessible to a broader audience.

Starting point:

During my studies, I was confronted with the pollution and injustice of the fashion industry. This caused an internal struggle for me. Because what role am I going to play in this industry? That’s when I decide to go into slow fashion and make my life more sustainable. All materials I work with are 100% natural and environmentally friendly produced and can be reabsorbed by nature. In addition, I work as zero waste as possible to keep my ecological footprint small. I developed a passion for natural dyeing with pigments obtained from residual waste.

When I researched all that was wrong with the fashion industry, I started to critically look at my clothes and what I had collected in my wardrobe. I looked at the material, the brand, and where the clothing was produced. But unfortunately, apart from the self-made garments, almost everything I could find in my closet was created abroad in a 3rd world country. This made me wonder why is this? As a prosperous western country, are we unable to produce our own clothes?