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Liliana van
You can find me here: 2.G (WH)

Fish on Land

Project details


Fish on Land is a video game concept which unpacks the anxiety surrounding life goals.

To go to school, to get married, to have kids – the traditional milestones society expects us to reach at specific ages. These milestones turn deadlines make it seem as if we are always running out of time.

Traverse this 3D world as Blub: a fish out of water!

Living on land, he feels as if he can never be as good as his mammal friends. Help Blub as he deals with his inner anxiety and spiralling thoughts about the future. Fish on Land is created in collaboration with

Liliana van Velzen – Lead Artist

Ryan Mazer – Lead Programmer

Lisa Wantz – 3D Artist & Animator

Malaika Muhima – Animator

Niki Pangelov√° – Animator

“By struggling as Blub, I hope players can see a bit of themself in the character. I wish for players to become aware of the pressure life goals/societal norms have on us – and to have a moment of realisation that we humans hyperfocus on success and the future.

We all take different life paths. We all strive at our own pace. There is no right or wrong in this journey.”

The following images are a collection of all the concept art.