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Project details


Audiovision, or “Destroying Structures” is an interactive audiovisual installation situated both in the physical and real as well as the virtual space. Real and virtual are interlinked. The actions of the audience in one affect the experience of the other.

Space for something new

What does the music of today tell us about the future?

For my work audiovision, I have researched music from different youth culture movements of the no future generation and analysed their sounds and musical qualities in context of the social-political climate of the time and the future outlook of the generation. What can we foretell about the future expectations of the youth by listening to their music? What musical tools are used to express worry, discontent, anger and other emotions of the youth as they look into their future?

I found noise and chaos as primary musical tools to destroy fixed and old structures – to make space for something new.

Then I looked at the industrial and noise music scene of today – what does this music of today in conclusion tell us about our future?

In my audiovisual-virtual installation, the audience interacts with a possible future and destroys it. The audience has agency in the outcome of the installation, the outcome of the future. They destroy visual and musical structures until nothing old is left.

The Old