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Recon the Label

From the moment I started to discover my queerness, I noticed a change within my representation. Through research, I found out that marketing strategies, such as gendered department stores had reinforced a binary model upon me. This insight made me curious about the structures and consequences of the binary model within the industry.

The consequences that I uncovered were that the fashion industry has gotten stuck in a feedback loop. The binary model within the industry pushes consumers toward feminine or masculine stereotypes. By participating they fuel the standard for women’s and men’s clothing, which keeps the division of products intact. Consequently, this split creates a duplication within the production system. This process creates the idea that products, such as a T-shirt, can be used up like a cigarette rather than simply be used. Or, in fashion terms, to be out of style.  Which then in the end stimulates the waste culture within the fashion industry.

Besides that, I personally experienced that these binary structures make it hard for people from the Queer community to find their self-expression in a sustainable way. Especially when first exploring their queer identity. So the urge to break free from this vicious cycle is what gave birth to Recon the Label.

Recon is a sustainable clothing label that creates modular uniforms. With the suit, the wearer has the opportunity to continuously renew their look. To explore one’s style, or to look different every day of the week. The design is intended to create a timeless garment. And, by this, extend the general lifespan of a piece of clothing.

Besides that, the uniform is produced from recycled material. This collection, for example, is made from curtains from a hotel. Lastly, a zero-waste pattern ensures that the garment is as sustainable as possible. And nothing of the repurposed material is being wasted.

Read more about the research Here or check out the Instagram.