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Ingredients of an encounter

Project details

New Earth

When was the last time you shared a meal with a stranger?

I organise meetings between strangers by placing dinner tables around the city. Using the dinner table as a tool, I am countering alienation by placing people in the familiar environment of the dinner table.
‘The ingredients of an encounter’ is an embodied search done through meeting at the dinner table.

From ‘one on one’ dinners, where the only condition to join is if you host a dinner yourself, to soup in exchange for a meeting, at the foot of the Erasmus bridge.

Different dinners resulted in a set of ingredients for you to make your own. During the graduation show you are invited to have a seat at the table and discover what your ingredients of an encounter are.

“This is so unbelievably nice, I can not decline this invitation”That is how Hans (82) became the first guest of the one on one dinners.
Soup in exchange for a meeting