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It’s All Fun and Games

Project details


This is my tiny project about tiny people.
To be exact, a tiny project about normal sized people feeling tiny.

It is a homage to my favorite childhood toy: Polly Pocket, a cute, pastel dollhouse existing inside a small compact.

When I grew up, to my disappointment, I discovered that life was nothing like the games I used to play with my polly pockets. It wasn’t simple or cute or revolved around wedding parties and gossiping. Said discovery has impacted my work, which plays on the line between darkness and humor.
This project is no different, and is a mash of sarcasm wrapped in childish tones. Its everyday life, confined, miniature sized that could easily go unnoticed. Only if you look closely you get the entire story, which isn’t as cute as one might think.

I created this sketch then moved to sculpt it with fimo and clay.

When  I finished I wasn’t too happy with how it looked. It looked very fimo-y and different from the image I had of a polly pocket – which is perfect, clean and obviously, made of plastic.

At that point I started getting really interested in the actual design and manufacturing of miniature playsets. There’s something very charming about the design of toys like polly pockets.

 I also thought about how the project will be displayed in our final exhibition and was worried it’ll look poor since it’s so small. Though I feel some of the point is for some people to dismiss it as just a toy and move on, without noticing the tiny details or the “sad” elements. Because depression can go unnoticed. So there is a metaphor in that.

I wanted to show a clearer image of the project that the fimo just didn’t give. I ended up trying to face Blender, the 3D program, again, after failing it in the beginning of this project. Trying to model in 3D after having the physical clay model ready made the visualization and work flow way more easy. And fun.

I’m hoping to eventually 3d print it or mold it in plastic.