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Sensitive Surveillance Occurs.

What sucks us into the screen?

We adapted the screen into our lives as a permanent companion around us. We are attracted to these display devices as insects to the light in the dark.

I am interested into the visual effect one can sometimes achieve to see into objects or electronics that did not have that intended function. In my work I explored what’s inside these devices. Displaying the true nature of these screens. What some considered as trash, found screens on the streets of Rotterdam, resulted in a sculpture that plays with the liquid crystals of the screens resulting in an mould-like pattern across the screens.

My work is the result of a research of the digital realm – a space that contemporarily functions as our main reality and insists upon our participation. Through modulating this reality in sculpture; using objects that serve as gateways into the digital realm. An exploration of the capacity to attract and absorb is materialised.