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Tijgerbrood met berenworst

Senna’s work presents itself as the recognizable from everyday life, like food items or objects that others tend to overlook. During the process, she is drawn to the visual culture that is associated with this. Afterwards, she recreate these elements and add her own vision about certain topics in a subtle way. With these new creations, she invite you to see the subjects from a new and fresh perspective. She is researching different possibilities to make the viewer look at something they rather not pay attention to. She gets inspiration from the use of animals in or as products, in the broadest sense.

‘Tijgerbrood met berenworst’ is an installation made by Senna Gebbink in which she lets you reconsider the food you ate as a child. Children can be picky eaters and often lack the time and space to build a healthy connection with food. Food marketing responds to this by transforming food into cartoon-like characters based on animals to lure children into consuming their products. This process reshapes the animal into a more light-hearted representation in which the reality of the meat industry is less confronting to the consumer. The project exaggerates the fakeness of food by recreating it into ceramics, critiquing the food industry and its marketing techniques used toward children. In this exhibition, you will find different applications of “berenworst” placed within a ‘butcher’s shop’ setting to visualize the distance between people and the animals they consume.