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Suus van der

De Lichtwever

Project details

Audiovisual Design
Critical Studies

How beautiful would it be, if we all could feel complete and at home within ourselves?

De Lichtwever is a Dutch visual-poetic portrait film about Lightworker Jamy and how she embraces her spiritual being through Light, compassion and silence. Constantly aligning between Mother Earth and the Cosmos, Jamy works with high frequencies through crystal tools, in order to help others heal their inner wounds and to let them remember who they truly are.

Exploring natural expression through both speech and movement, it is my goal to translate Jamy’s etherical energies and intentions into moving images, in order to make you feel her warm embracement of everyone’s true being.

De Lichtwever is made by and for people who feels attracted to the concept of spiritual inner healing, or has a certain interest in intangible fields and magical atmospheres.

Watching this film, covered in healing Light codes, I hope my graduation work can be an example for your future lives, and help you heal and connect with your true and Divine self.