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Diary of a shapeshifter

I see hands move, like my hands. I see through a different pair of eyes, a different body. I see a man struggling with his vision. Afraid of saying something. I see strong visuals and interesting techniques and I feel something, I don’t know what I am supposed to feel. I wonder what the intentions are.

The diary of a shapeshifter is an experimental VR experience about transformation while being haunted/sabotaged by your own shadow. A crisis calls for transformation, a need to adapt to a situation that is not reasonable anymore. I become a shapeshifter, change color to fit in, and disappear into the environment, a defense mechanism. Today we collectively experience crisis after crisis. This psychedelic experience tries to grasp the invisible world of the human psyche. An artist tries to capture the intangible world in images and symbols that try to evoke an experience. But however hard he tries he never reaches the perfect explanation, it stays abstract reduced to a feeling. The absurd & abstract narrative takes place in the hyperbolic mind of an artist approaching an important exhibition. The artist escapes the shadow shapeshifting into different forms and environments.