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Ana Sara
ten Napel

A Fictional World

Project details

Bachelor – Illustration
Commercial Practices

Do you ever long for a temporary escape to a world far from reality? Life can often feel overwhelming as a young adult, making it natural to crave a break from the daily grind. Fictional escapism offers a powerful respite, transporting us to otherworldy places and helping us forget our stresses and anxieties.

‘’(Escapism) is a diversion of the mind.’’

‘’Fictional escapism refers to the literature term ‘escapist fiction,’ in which fiction has provided humanity with the phenomena of escaping and immersing in new worlds.’’

In this project, Ana Sara ten Napel introduces the concept of ‘fictional escapism’ and invites you to embark on a journey through her imaginative world. Guided by her magical fictional character, you’ll explore an installation showcasing an array of products born from her passion for illustration and design. These creations have provided solace and a much-needed escape from reality throughout her life. Join Ana Sara and discover the power of fictional escapism.