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To WdKA graduates platform
You can find me here: 3.G (WH) & Workshop

Femme Frequencies

The female voice as an instrument of interference – This project emerges from my frustration with how both throughout history and today, the female voice is (mis)treated, (un)perceived and (mis)represented in a gender-biased society. The objective of this project is to remind women of the strength their voices hold. Encouraging self-confidence and self-expression, aiming to create space to rebel against lessening yourself for the comfort of others.

I constructed a workshop where women collectively make a large inflatable sculpture that invites them to take in space. We use rescue blankets, an eye-catching material that serves as protective barriers. Together we think of and create a geometric shape, inflating it by â€˜breathing life into it’ by ourselves at first, then shifting to mechanic inflation. The final piece will be placed in different predetermined public spaces, based on the contrast of proportion and accessibility, in order to claim attention, take up space, and be loud.