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van Ommen
You can find me here: 0.E (WH)

The Unstackables

Project details

Bachelor – Illustration
Honours Programme
Visual Culture+ (Honours)

a comic about frames, society, and how to change them

The Unstackables is a riso-printed comic, made out of frustration with the destructive, exploiting ways of the capitalist world. The first chapter aims to expose how this framework succeeds in covering up its structural issues by calling on individual responsibility. Humor, relatability and creative framing invokes a sense of togetherness in the fuck-upness of it all.

In the second and third chapter, the story continues as a utopian fantasy about a new world, and a transition to new frames, inspired by real-life (local) initiatives. I vouch for a world unquantifiable, where human life is taken seriously in its complexity.

The chapters themselves are unstackable: their form non-uni. I experimented with the shape of panels, binding mechanism, and text-in-image to contribute to the story.

about the maker

My name is Diede, I’m an illustrator inspired by clumsy daily encounters and the search for a better world. After my bachelor in social sciences I wanted to bridge the gap between theory and practice with the universal language of images. My sketchbook is a diary – it houses moments of love, joy, sadness and a lot of frustration about the ways of the world. I work as an editorial illustrator and am setting up an alternative comic magazine in my hometown in Amsterdam.
Much love to all,