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Putrid Delphini

Putrid Delphini, is an installation that materialises as a site-specific project residing within the boundaries of Buitenplaats Brienenoord. The facets of the installation, are akin to the pages of a diary, documenting an unfolding journey.

Drawing inspiration from Rhizomatic (non-linear) philosophy, Putrid Delphini embarks on an exploration of liminality, the enigmatic space between life and death. Curiosity lingers in the air, as Claridge tries to unearth the secrets that reside within this space.

The project finds its roots in the profound impact of her father’s death in 2022. It acts as a vessel, guiding Claridge to intimately engage with mortality. Through a tapestry of collaged intertwined narratives, creatures (sculptures) come to life, their existence entwined with the transformative power of decay.

The installation consists of ceramics, video, audio, collage, and materials found in nature. Harpedonaptai, was the event of the Nile flooding in Ancient Egypt, when the nile flooded whole societies and infrastructure had to be rebuilt and the ground was left nourished and fertile. The works for Putrid Delphini were created and left exposed to nature at Brienenoord, so as to surrender and collaborate with non-human forces.

We morph through our decaying lives. So too, do the creatures within Putrid Delphini; embracing the ephemeral nature of existence. In this realm, the lines blur, and we are left to ponder the transformative essence that binds us and all that surrounds.

Emily Claridge

I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Rotterdam, originally from England. With a focus on drawing, ceramics, metal, woodwork and video. I have recently embarked on creating site-specific works using decaying materials. My artistic practice currently reflects an appreciation of the intricate interplay between materiality and the passage of time, it acts as an existential collage and collaboration with nature.

Looking ahead, I plan to engage in a series of art residencies to further cultivate my practice and further develop in situ works.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk further about this project, residencies, collaborations or any other purposes!

Instagram: @emily__claridge


Linkedin: emilyclaridge