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Aagjes op pad in de scheuren

Project details

Bachelor – (de)Fine Art
New Earth

‘Aagjes op pad in de scheuren’ is a children’s book about three different landscapes. Aagjes are the main characters. Aagjes is short for ’nieuwsgierigaagje’ in Dutch, which depicts a curious person. The aagjes ask a lot of questions and explore a meandering landscape, a greenhouse and meet the Mossman. They learn to move through these landscapes. Each has a connection to cracks. Meandering landscapes create cracks in their soil, greenhouses are fragile, and their cracks need to be tended to, and moss lives in the cracks of our concrete. The aagjes meet mice, bees, fish, and hear a springtail.

By being in these landscapes, they learn how to react in a soft way to their surrounding.

The drawings are made on watercolour paper with a 0,1mm fine-liner and coloured in with walnut bister. The text is written on a typewriter, cut out and glued on.

In my practice, I focus on the Dutch rural landscape and try to be as sensitive as possible to humans and non-humans that live there. I believe that the stories we tell help us move towards the future. I hope we can all act like aagjes from time to time and learn more about the landscape that sustains us.