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You can find me here: 3.F (WH)

Collection tim

With my graduation collection, I make garments that are based on my personal experience as an “twin born alone”. I have researched the phenomenon of “alone born twins” and which feelings this evokes in me.

I hacked these feelings by using a meditation method called the body scan, so I could experience where I feel emotions in my body. Followed by body mapping, I gave the emotional effects a physical place on my body. By placing textiles on these specific places where feelings are felt in my body, I start the draping process. From the draping, I eventually designed wearable clothing for collection Tim “the name of my twin half”. 

My clothing designs have innovative cut outs and transparency to emphasize feelings. By playing with different transparent high-quality fabrics, I push the boundaries of visible body contours. With all this, I tell my story as an “twin born alone” and give my twin a place of existence.

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