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van Dortmont
You can find me here: 3.G (WH)

The Material Girl Make-up: Materialism as Blush

Project details

Bachelor – Graphic Design
Critical Studies

With our wants modified into needs, material interactions have become an important goal in our existence. A constant flipping coin, (dis)playing our (dis)content. While fashion is able to strengthen one’s personal identity, its motivated materialism fuels the toxic aspects of its industry. Part of a bigger system, we are aware of our individual participation. Affecting our conscience, unable to escape this symptom of our capitalistic structures. Ashamed by oneself and others: nobody wants to be ‘tagged’ as material girl…

Intrigued by this term and its TikTok trend, THE MATERIAL GIRL MAKE-UP: MATERIALISM AS BLUSH embodies the shame of being materialistic. By defining materialism and shame apart and connected, and our relationship with both. Through theories on philosophy and sociology, to understand why this phenomenon is so ambiguous. With blushing as visual effect of shame, this project researches a language that speaks this emotion. To show an effect that is inevitable, by means of a performative situation and film as reflection.

Visualized through storytelling with an ambivalent tone, the installation shines light on a somewhat controversial and hidden phenomenon. Inviting its spectator to relate to the emotions experienced, through objects, body and space. Presenting myself as stylistic storyteller, with a caring and critical attitude towards the fashion industry. Conscious of my participation and responsibility in this material mechanism.

To share the shame of the materialistic make-up that we wear.