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Good Enough

Project details

In collaboration with:
Noémie Kohl, Noa Mac Donald
Bachelor – Animation
The Art of Writing (Hogeschool Utrecht)

GOOD ENOUGH is a poetic animated short film about dealing with fear of failure.

Duration: 5 minutes

Experimental animation, poetry film

Three people in different situations confront their fear of not being good enough. As their attempts fall short, their real-world struggles intertwine with a metaphorical realm embodying their inner anxiety.



In this poetry film, we used several analogue printing techniques.

Colorful riso printing in the real world is juxtaposed with messier etching and lithography in black and white, which represents the emotional world of the characters.

Printing, especially analogue techniques are hard to master and prone to flaws.

We sought out these techniques for this film to reflect what is at the core of this project:
Learning to accept and embrace mistakes.

The interviews

The storylines are based on experiences shared by people about their own fear of failing. Through interviews, including my own, I learned about the situations that make us doubt ourselves and the physical sensations connected to the feeling.

The images that arose through the interviews created the base for visual experimentation and exploration, from which the story was later woven.

Making off, made by Noa Mac Donald:

Core Team

Jamie Machul: Director, writer, editor, sound designer, co-producer

Noa Mac Donald: Animation director, lithography and etching supervisor, co-producer, narration assistant

Noémie Kohl: Art director, animator, riso and etching supervisor, narration assistant