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Uninstalling/Out Of Love

Project details

Bachelor – Illustration
Commercial Branding

Uninstalled, reflects the disconnected relationships and perspective we often experience as a result of depression.


Uninstalled/Out of love, explores different perspectives and the belief in projected limitations that hinder our human experience and relationships. The splitted gaze.

Limited by a personal experience in a world where you can be found everywhere. Coping mechanisms create a sense of connection, yet we don’t truly feel connected. It’s about moving forward without actually moving. In my research, I delved into symbolism, offering a practical guide that allows viewers to experience presence and find what they need. Similar to satire, it reflects people’s desire for tangibility. Resulting in a film that makes the journey to inner connection¬†practical and accessible for everyone.

“I wish I broke my leg”

Journey and the control to explain yourself, visually explain what makes life miserable for you when you’re doing it to yourself. Why do we have this urge to be understood?