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Post-Capitalist Dreamscapes

Project details

Bachelor – Spatial Design
Ontwerpen Architectuur

Post-capitalist Dreamscapes is a spatial exploration of new possibilities after capitalism. By questioning our dominant narrative, this is a search for change —a change aimed at transforming our social structure into one that embodies inclusivity and moral integrity. However, dreaming beyond this system seems challenging. How can architectural visuals stimulate people to dream beyond capitalism?

In recent years, I have come to a deeper understanding of the significant pitfalls inherent in the capitalist system, characterized by its consumer mentality and relentless pursuit of growth. The profound influence of capitalism on our culture cannot be overstated, but to what extent are we truly aware of this impact? Can our culture be considered the most optimal lifestyle? Moreover, how humane is capitalism in reality?

Through my research, I have identified numerous limitations associated with capitalism. For instance, its profit-driven production systems often exploit workers, resulting in a disconnection from their labor and ultimately diminishing their overall well-being. Additionally, the relentless pursuit of material possessions as a measure of success and happiness tends to overshadow the importance of personal relationships, well-being, and environmental stewardship.

To transcend these repercussions, we must revive our capacity to dream. Dreams serve as catalysts for envisioning alternative futures and expanding the horizons of our collective imagination. By nurturing our imaginative faculties, we can explore and conceive of new possibilities beyond the confines of the current capitalist framework.

How would a society look without the focus on working and producing, but instead on contributing to society and enjoying life?

In my research, I analyzed the importance of dreaming and the social change it brought forth in the past centuries. Just as dreaming served as a catalyst in the past, so can it be in the present and future.

In exploring the possibilities of a post-capitalist future, Post-Capitalist Dreamscapes presents three distinct scenarios. To guide my approach, I drew from the sociopolitical framework of Peter Fraise1, which helped me define the parameters of these speculative visions based on economic goals and values that prioritize equity and social value.

1 Frase, Peter. Four Futures: Life After Capitalism. Verso Books, 2016

1. Technocratic Nomads; 2. Earth Allies; 3. Social Weavers

Instead of presenting fixed designs or predetermined outcomes, this work employs metaphors to convey the underlying concepts of each society, inviting interpretation and exploration.

By creating different comics, the project invites the reader to think about a life after capitalism. In doing so, the project aims to create a brigde between so existing architectural utopia’s critising the system and the ‘ignorant’ beliefs in our dominant capitalist society.

What would a society look like without property?

What if we would live in harmony with our planet?

How would you envision a post-capitalist city?

RESEARCH DOCUMENT: Post-Capitalist Dreams
Envisioning an Alternative
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