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You can find me here: 3.G (WH)

Serendipity // coincidence as a tool to use within an artistic practice.

Project details

Bachelor – Fashion Design

To come up with a completely new thought is almost impossible since your intellect is a pure logic-based structure. This is not necessarily the best breeding ground for creativity. Creativity is about innovative thoughts and coming up with something that has not been thought of before in this specific structure. Logic, on the other hand, is a given, it is acquired knowledge or an experience.

For this textile collection I have developed an artistic research method that improves innovation, without your way of thinking affecting your creative freedom. This method uses coincidence as a tool. After all, we are all capable of thinking what we can think of, but we can’t know what we don’t know yet.

When starting an experimental research project, often we already know which answer we are looking for. What follows is a logic-based linear search for the correct answer. During this search there are all kinds of answers that we will label as ‘not the right answer’ since they are against our expectations.

The method I designed is about observing and then consciously applying these unexpected events. These unexpected events enable us to go beyond our frames of mind. Coincidence is in the answer to the question you didn’t know you had.