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You can find me here: 3.D (WH)


Project details

Bachelor – Graphic Design
Public and private

When is something meaningful and when is it nonsense? Is my project meaningful if it gets a good grade or is it meaningful if I personally benefit from it? Who decides what is meaningful in this world and why does it feel senseless to me when I am doing something without a certain goal?


In my work, I explore how the societal pressures of having a specific goal and the constant pursuit of success affect perceptions of futility and the ability to play freely. Through this project, I explore how working without a specific goal can affect my personal growth and process.


My work aims to make people reflect on the value of purposelessness. By playing around without a specific goal, I emphasize the joy of the process and the discovery of one’s own intrinsic motivation. It invites one to reflect on the constant pressure of having to achieve something and provides a space for rediscovering the value of free play.