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You can find me here: 0.E (WH)

Scrambled Sex

’Yoo pretty biitch. You’re actually beautiful. Whatsup with that? God decided to make someone directly from my lusts and wants, lets start with.. Hello? How are you doing? Do you believe in reincarnation and past lives?’

This is a random message the artist recently received on Instagram, which was followed by two video calls from the person, that she did not know, at 6:30 a.m.

With technology increasingly becoming a bigger part of our lives, online communication is almost unavoidable in our society. Since the younger generation spends more and more time online, it is not surprising that online dating and communication have earned an undeniable spot in the lives of most teenagers, especially after the pandemic.

Motivated by personal experiences of sexual trauma and harassment, the artist is passionately driven to effect meaningful change. Through extensive research she concluded that traditional approaches like photo series or documentaries may not effectively resonate with the intended audience and seeks an alternative that brings heavy topics to the surface in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

Using gamification, the artist creates a board game that raises awareness, educates about sexual health, and addresses the effects and implications of sexual harassment.
The game’s three mini-games work together to encourage critical thinking, empathy, and open dialogue about consent, healthy relationships, and personal boundaries. By transforming heavy subjects into an interactive and enjoyable experience, the game fosters an environment that promotes understanding and meaningful conversations.