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Project details

Bachelor – Fashion Design

Instead of tagging along the trend of high-street aesthetics, this collection goes with the lifestyle of actual people. Drawing inspirations from grocery shopping behaviors of people in the market, the collection hopes to make fashion statements that relate to actual people. And to situate the collection in reality, we take the models back out on an actual Saturday market shopping groceries.

this fashion project is a reflection on the ideology of fashion itself.

Video: Medea Zingerle

people aspired fashion (past tense).
but people don’t understand fashion anymore (present tense).

we, FASHION PEOPLE, think we look better than THE REST.
we place ourselves, our beliefs, our ideas
very high and look down onto people.


this world is shifting towards
authenticity and essentiality in living.
but the fashion world is simply too full on its own to look around.
we continue to thrive on various beauty standards
that THE REST are trying to eliminate.

since when have the fashion world and the actual world become so indifferent to each other?

fashion does not have to be for everyone.
but there ought to be a room for mutual understanding.

the moment I started diving into the everyday vulgarity in the actual world, I realised:
there is no such thing as higher or lower anymore.
the gestures that people make while carrying groceries in the market are simply interesting.
they speak practicality.
they improvise.
they look cheap, but interesting.
but if that is the way people adjust to today,
what’s the point to keep fashion so uptight and high?
no high fashion.

my point is,
fashion CAN be a language that is bold
AND comprehensible.

Image: Giannis Boukoros / Styling: Elizabeth Karatsoki

Image: Giannis Boukoros / Styling: Elizabeth Karatsoki

Image: Franek Michon

Image: Franek Michon

Image: Giannis Boukoros / Styling: Elizabeth Karatsoki / Shoes in collaboration with SKUA Studio

this project does not push fashion to the next highest level.
it places creativity onto a contemporarily relatable level.