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Altars of Affection

Project details

Bachelor – Graphic Design
Autonomous – Public & Private

Altars of Affection is an installation that expresses Roef’s rediscovered personal connections with Catholicism, as well as the origin of his fascination for classical symbolism. 

Recollections of his childhood visits to his grandparents were synonymous with attending church followed by lunch with his mother’s extensive family. The services were often tedious, however, the serene monumental space, stained-glass depictions and resonating hymns captivated him. It has now become the foundation of his yearning for and appreciation of harmony, sensory experiences, and aesthetic allure, detached from any specific religious affiliation. 

In this installation, taking the form of an altar –– symbolizing what is essential and valuable –– he has translated his reflections on 

core-memories into a visual language, inspired by Gothic & Jugendstil architecture. Music, a vital language in Roef’s life, through which he not only communicates his emotions but also conveys the ineffable and imperceptible. The composition takes inspiration from the calming ethereal ambience in cathedral spaces and the echoes that traveled for centuries within. Similarly, scent evokes the surroundings of his grandparent’s garden with pasture and flowers.

With this installation, Roef creates his personal and me